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The DPO is the UK’s leading GDPR Consultancy.

Providing GDPR audit services and GDPR compliance advice through to a fully outsourced Data Protection Officer as service solution; we support private organisations and public bodies in the UK and worldwide to fully comply with their obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation.

GDPR in a Nutshell
The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force on May 25th 2018 and with it came new data protection responsibilities for all organisations and heavy fines for non-compliance (upto €20 million or 4% or annual global turnover – whichever is higher.)

GDPR now applies to all organisations based within the EU and also to any non EU organisations that are offering goods or services with the EU. As such, it is expected that when Brexit takes effect, it will have little impact on the application of GDPR in the UK.

Being Ready
All organisations should ensure that their decision makers are aware that the has changed. Ensuring compliance can have significant resource implications, especially for larger or high risk organisations.

Following a GDPR audit, many organisations will have to implement significant changes in policies, protocols and processes, as well as technical and organisational structures. Our range of packages and toolkits will assist and guide your strategy to ensure GDPR compliance and then ongoing GDPR assurance.

How we can assist
We offer a full suite of options to support organisation ensure GDPR compliance; this includes Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and Data Audits and Gap Analysis, The DPO has tailor made solutions for organisations of all sizes.

Outsourcing your organisation’s Data Protection Officer function to The DPO is a highly cost effective and beneficial solution to assure ongoing compliance. For non EU firms, we also offer a Designated Representative service to support your GDPR assurance.

The DPO® Services

GDPR Preparation Package

A GDPR Audit of your Current Compliance

Our GDPR Preparation packages are tailor made to enable your organisation to be fully prepared for GDPR compliance. We will give you a step by step plan to prioritise your strategy in order to achieve GDPR compliance.

The new legislation recognises that policies, procedures and protocols are essential to GDPR compliance. Our Preparation Package could prove crucial to your organisation’s preparedness for GDPR.

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GDPR Compliance Package

Supporting you to put Compliance Plans into action.

Our Compliance Package will identify and assist in resolving areas within your organisation that remain non-compliant.

This package includes our proprietary DPO® Audit which will provide a full review and gap analysis of your organisation’s existing level of compliance. The audit includes a clear report of the action necessary to address potential risks. Our market leading DPO® GDPR Toolkit is also included within the package, which will support rapid break down the steps to action necessary to obtain GDPR compliance.

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Outsourced Data Protection Officer as a Service

Providing ongoing GDPR Assurance to UK and EU Organisations

Our fully managed solution provides ongoing monitoring your organisation’s GDPR compliance. Your named representative will also be the first point of contact with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Your DPO® Data Protection Officer will report to the highest management level of your organisation, and by not being an employee will not carry the risk of any conflict of interest within the functioning of your organisation, which many senior employees would inevitably have. The costs in relation to outsourcing the position will be significantly less than a salaried full time employee role.

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Designated Representative Service

Ongoing Assurance to Non-EU Organisations, Operating in the EU

Even if your organisation is based outside the European Union, you will still be bound by the regulations. Organisations with  activities relate to the offering of goods or services to, or monitoring the behaviour of individuals based in the Union need to act swiftly.

If your organisation is targeting consumers within the EU, you may need to appoint a representative in the EU in order to obtain GDPR compliance. The DPO® Designated Representative Service is based in Ireland and liaises with Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner on behalf of extra-territorial organisations.

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