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The DPO® GDPR Readiness Package

The DPO® GDPR Readiness packages are tailor made solutions enabling your organisations readiness for full GDPR compliance, giving you a step by step plan to prioritise your strategy in order to achieve GDPR compliance.

GDPR recognises that policies, procedures and protocols are essential to GDPR compliance and time may be running out for you to put these in place. The DPO® GDPR Prepared package may be crucial to your organisation’s preparedness for GDPR.


The DPO® Compliance Package

The DPO® Compliance package can identify and assist in resolving those areas within your organisation that remain non-compliant.

The package includes The DPO® Audit that provides a full review and gap analysis of your organisation’s existing level of compliance. The DPO® Audit includes clear report of the action necessary to address potential risks. Using the DPO® GDPR Toolkit, included within the package, you can rapidly break down the steps to action necessary to obtain GDPR compliance.


The DPO® Designated Representative Service

GDPR also applies to organisations outside the EU whose processing activities relate to the offering of goods or services to, or monitoring the behaviour of, EU data subjects. So if your organisation is targeting consumers within the EU, you may need to appoint a representative in the EU in order to obtain GDPR compliance.

The DPO® Designated Representative Service is based in Ireland and liaises with Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner on behalf of extra-territorial organisations.


The DPO® Data Protection Officer Service

Our fully managed service monitoring your organisation’s ongoing GDPR compliance. Your outsourced DPO will be the first point of contact with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Your DPO® Data Protection Officer will report to the highest management level of your organisation, and by not being an employee will not carry the risk of any conflict of interest within the functioning of your organisation, which many senior employees would inevitably have. The costs in relation to outsourcing the position will be significantly less than a salaried employee role.


We work with you every step of the way to ensure GDPR compliance.

Whether your organisation is based in the UK or extraterritorial to the EU The DPO® will work with you to ensure that your organisation is both prepared for and compliant with GDPR.

The DPO® provides all the functions and tasks of the Data Protection Officer under GDPR. We will work with your organisation in monitoring GDPR compliance as well as identifying the need for undertaking Data Protection Impact Assessments, advising on Privacy by Design and responding to Subject Access Requests and, where appropriate, consulting with the Information Commissioner’s Office following any breach.