The DPO® GDPR Prepared Package

Our detailed GDPR preparation package will enable you to understand the various elements of GDPR readiness as it affects your organisation. We will perform a full gap analysis and provide our proprietary GDPR toolkit allowing you to put steps in place to incorporate data privacy into the fabric of your operations.


From the UK Information Commissioner’s Office:

Speaking at a lecture in London for the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said the biggest difference with GDPR refers to accountability.

“The new legislation creates an onus on companies to understand the risks that they create for others, and to mitigate those risks,” she continued.

“It’s about moving away from seeing the law as a box-ticking exercise, and instead to work on a framework that can be used to build a culture of privacy that pervades an entire organization.”


The DPO® Prepared Package

The DPO® Prepared Packages is specifically tailored to each individual organisation.

This is not an off the shelf, one size fits all product but custom developed to reflect the needs and requirements of your particular organisation, whether large or small, to be ready for challenges that await with the introduction of GDPR


Where are you now?

You may have made some in roads into your organisation’s readiness, but may have become overwhelmed by the regulations or simply realise that time is running out.

The DPO® can very quickly identify where you are in the process though our proprietary Readiness ToolKit. The results of our ToolKit provides a very clear objective of the steps necessary for your organisation to be ready for GDPR and for us to provide you with a bespoke package.



The DPO® Prepared Package will ensure that your organisation fully understands the data lifecycle within your organisation. We can assist in identifying what data is held, where the data is held, where it comes from, the conditions under which it is kept, what you use it for and to whom and where it may be transferred.

Our GDPR Preparation Package will provide your organisation with bespoke GDPR gap analysis and visual guide to your data map, which will be a valuable tool in your organisation’s risk management process.


Ready for GDPR!

Following the introduction of The DPO® Readiness Package into your organisation, you can be confident that it is now ready for GDPR.

You will have in place a full GDPR toolkit, including policies, processes and protocols, a privacy compliance framework and a visual data map, with a full understanding of what is necessary for full GDPR compliance.

Your First Step to GDPR Readiness

Key Deliverables:

Our team of experts will work with your organisation to carry out an GDPR assessment both off site and on-site to identify the key areas of risk and non-compliance, including:

  • mapping the life cycle of your data
  • understanding fully your existing data processes procedures and protocols
  • your notification procedures to data subjects
  • physical security processes and international data transfers
  • your training processes
  • monitoring activities including the use of any CCTV that you undertake
  • key vendor contracts

We analyse the findings of the audit and gap analysis, preparing a commercially focused ‘traffic light’ report, clearly highlighting the areas of immediate risk of non-compliance, areas that must be improved on, and those that are compliant. Coupled with a review of existing supplier contracts and agreements with third party data processors, this advanced review will ensure you are well on the path to compliance.

Taking you to Full Compliance

Following completion, your organisation will be in a position to put in place all the suggested findings within the report. 

Alternatively, you can instruct us to provide our Compliance Package to your organisation. This will ensure that you can demonstrate full compliance with GDPR confident in the knowledge that should the inevitable occur, that you can demonstrate to the Information Commissioner that you have put in place all reasonable technical and organisational measures required of GDPR

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